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 April  2012


  It seems that I have not been faithful to write articles or really do much of anything lately. I have come up with one saying though, “It is hard to be faithful to things that you do not enjoy.”

I have had to use this weird machine to help my lungs and I really don’t like it. It is just not comfortable. I was quite faithful to it for over a year, but then it began to get harder and harder to submit myself to doing it. Now it is at the point that I think I need to go use that thing, but it is real easy to get side tracked. It is easy to make an excuse for not doing it. Well it is just a hassle as the thing falls apart and blows the hoses and gets unplugged, and you name it and it does it. I do have to admit though that I think it does help me. Seems like that should outweigh the rest of the problems doesn’t it. Is there a moral to this story? Yes. Here it is.

I have noticed that a lot of Christians bear those same marks and attitudes. Especially on Sunday morning when it is time to get up out of bed and go to church. They know it will help them, but it is so easy to make an excuse or get sidetracked. Maybe a friend or family member gives them a hard time about it and so they just skip it. Maybe they are in sin and don’t want the preacher to preach a sermon that would convict them. Seems like knowing it is good for them should outweigh all the hassles, but the flesh is weak when we are not convinced to do something just because it is right.

I found with that machine that I was just not convinced that it was helping me and therefore I was not really excited to use it. If you are not convinced that the Lord will help you, you may not be excited to arise and get to church when the doors are open.

I may not be sure of the machine, but one thing I know and am certain of. The Lord Jesus will always be there to help you, so get excited and go to a good church. Only the salvation of your soul will keep you out of hell when you die. If for no other reason, you must deal with your desires and turn everything over to Jesus. You see, He loves you. He waits with open arms to save you, heal you and help you. Now I believe that that is exciting. Don’t you?

God Bless You         Rev. Shirley J. Cunningham


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  I wake up each morning and watch some of my favorite TV Ministry programs, while having my coffee, doing my stretches and then getting myself ready for the day. I get up and going…ready to face TODAY! I plan my day and the things I want to change about me so I can be my very best. It all seems so simple and I know I can do it. Then life happens.  So here is where I usually lose all sense of direction.

The tricks of the devil are many. We need to choose quickly … fall into them or stay on track. 

I have figured out that just wanting to do better doesn't get me there. Sitting back and just praying for things to change does not make change. We have to break free of all of the things coming at us, set our priorities, and go after them if we want victory.        

Now don't get me wrong, we can't do it all on our own. We do what we can do, focus on what is important and everything that God has instructed or led us to do…and then we let God be God.

                             Sandy McClelland








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  Jamey’s Junction    

I came to a Junction in my life.  My choices had not always been the ones that kept me on the path of God’s very best for me. 

But the time came when I knew it was time to set my life in order.

 I did and life has never been the same. 

Now, I am a work in progress and I still need a lot of progress. 

God isn’t finished with me yet.

But this I know… Jesus Loves Me and Jesus Loves You too… 

Give Him first place in your life and make sure He is your #1 Priority.

You will be glad you did.

                                                                                                                                                                                James Kaufman






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