Prophecy of 2007

Rev. Shirley J. Cunningham


So another year is past and it is 2007

I do believe we will experience a little bit of heaven

If you will only keep your sights upon the Lord

And give him attention and obey his word


You will find that this is the year

The year to get rid of the remaining fear

If you will only allow your faith to grow

You’ll understand the things you must know


When you feel the anointing coming upon your life

That’s when you will know everything is all right!

The Lord is ever present to keep you in all you do

But you must allow him to fill you through and through


It is not just enough to say I believe,

But you must now truly learn to receive.

Look past all the things that have held you bound

And watch Jesus bring his blessing to surround


Our minds must be renewed in His Holy Word

Then and only then will you understand the things you have heard

So don’t be tempted to walk the other way

Just listen to the Word of the Lord and say,  "I will stay"


The world will grow worse and sin may abound for a season

But Jesus has touched you and tapped your heart for a reason

Just submit to His presence

And give Him the reverence


And through this year of 2007 just know this is His Hour

You will see His mighty Grace & Power

To do the miraculous and take full control

Open up your heart this instant and give him your soul


It is the time for you to prosper in all you set your hands to do

He will pour His finances into you, if only you’ll be true

True to obey and plant that seed into His kingdom land

So that he will be able to fulfill all that He has planned


Let Him come into your life and make you whole

If you will just love him, believe, him and say, “yes”

It should be every Christians 2007 Goal.

So please don’t you settle for anything less.


Now I pray that you accept, take heed and let this word work mightily in you.