5oth Cruse Sunset.jpgMerry Christmas From Florida,

   Someone To Care  International

Po Box 790, Bonifay, FL 32425

Nov. - Dec.  2007

Rev. Shirley J. Cunningham

  It just does not seem possible, but it is December already.  I have barely gotten used to writing 2007 and now time to rethink the date as we fill out forms, write checks, etc.  Is is truly a most wonderful time of the year as we can see parts of society turn their eyes toward the Christ Child in the manger.  It may be the year that many will accept him as the only Begotten  Son  Of  God.   JESUS IS HIS NAME! 


  We have accomplished many precious things for the Lordís service this year.  As I look back I remember starting in January with a 40 day fast (no pleasant food fast)  and after the fast I made my yearly trip to India.  I left the middle of Feb and returned the end of March.  Those India meetings started off with a pastorís leadership conference in Chennai, India (Madras)  with approximately 100 pastors gathered  in attendance PDR_1582.jpg to hear Pastor Shirley teach on Leadership. 

   The first class was a teaching on Success.  It is so important to know that you can succeed, but many fail to realize their potential.  Do you recognize your great potential?   This is why Christ came, not only to save us, but that in Him we might have life and have it in abundance.  YOU DO HAVE POTENTIAL.  You will realize this as you serve Christ the Lord Jesus.



   I have been teaching on the Glory on the TV Programs over the last few weeks.  So far as I write this, I have completed 9 sessions on the Glory.  You may write to us and order them or call us at the above number.  We take Visa, Master and Discover cards.  Donations are very much needed to help us support the missions overseas and also the TV ministry.  We are not allowed to ask for offerings on most stations, and I guess that because we donít, people think that we do not have needs.  We have many needs and so I ask you to ask the Lord if he would have you help us.   If you would like to send us an offering of $75.00, I will be sure to send you 10 sessions on the Glory.


    I want to encourage you to visit our website at www.someonetocare.org .  You will view many pictures from India, England, Jamaica, etc.   You will find many of my sermon outlines and some articles.   Check back on a regular basis, as we are planning to keep this site updated more often. 






409 St. Johnís Rd, Bonifay. Just off                                 FLEETWOOD  DELERSHIP I-10 and 79    .  

50th Sam & Shirley 3.jpg   We would like to encourage those of you that are local or close to Bonifay Fl to JOIN US  in our conference room for the latest class ďGodís Armour BearerĒ.  Teacher: Rev.  Shirley J. Cunningham.   Certificates and licensing   available for the serious student who wants to become a minister of the Gospel.   For those that just want to join in, you will glean a lot of great informative Bible knowledge.

  Please call to register and to receive more information.  Classes will be held in Bonifay just off of I-10 & 79 on St Johnís Rd.    850-547-0114,  850-547-3299. Tuesday evenings 6:00 PM


  REMEMBER TO PRAY: For Someone To Care International, the TV ministry, all of our pastors in the different nations of the world and for our local team, and the directors of this great ministry. 

PDR_1503.jpgAlso please pray about sending us an offering.  We have many pastors in India that we are not sending support to and they have such great needs.  Could you adopt a pastor by sending us $50.00 per month.  This supplies the needs of their family, church and some orphans and widows.  It makes such a large difference in their lives and helps them to educate their children in a correct way.  The pastors children really need a good education, but at the present we have not been able to do much in that area.   I think that there are some of you that can easily commit to much more that $50 a month.  What can you do to be a part of this great ministry?  

We take Master Ė Visa and Discover Credit Cards.  Just call our 800-700-3422 number or you may call me at 850-547-0114  work or 850-547-3299 home. 


Remember to honor the Christ we serve this Christmas Season and allow him to show himself alive through us.  We will pass by many shoppers during this time of year.  What will they see when they see You?   Will they see a demonstration of Love, Peace and Joy, maybe even some power to Heal and Deliver?

Jesus came to save the world, but he needs you and me to work through.  He planned it that way, and therefore, donít forget that people are watching you. 


Lines are long, parking lots are crowed, but Jesus is still the patient loving God that He has always been.  Are you the patient loving Christian that you know you need to be? 

I only ask in hopes that it will be a reminder to you to be all that you can be this season to portray to the world.  Not only is the world watching, but Christ Himself is watching. 



God Bless You,    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Time is short. Jesus is soon to return to call His Church home.  We Need to win souls WHILE WE CAN.   PRAY FOR THE LOST.  PRAY FOR OUR CITIES AND THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD.


Pastor Shirley Cunningham and Someone To Care International Ministries, Inc. Team and staff.