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You must have three years Bible College to apply for Ordination. 

You must have at least one year Bible College to apply for licensing.

International President  Rev. Shirley J. Cunningham

National Director Rev. Samson Dasan   email tatapastor@yahoo.com  or other countries contact someonetocare@someonetocare.org  

I am applying for   Ordination  _________       License _______

Last Name: ___________________   First Name: ______________  Initial ________   Title _______

Street Address _________________________________________________________________

District ________________________     Country ____________________

City: _________________________________   State ________________  Zip ________________

Phone No. _____________________________________


Year you accepted Jesus ________   Are you  filled with the Holy Spirit Yes  _________    NO  ______

On back write a short testimony of your salvation experience. 


Date of Birth  YR _______    Mo ______  Day ________

Married  Yes______    No  _______    Children How many   ________

Have you ever been ordained?  Yes_______   No  _______  If so, by whom and what denomination? _______________________________________   ________________________________

You must have a pastor over you that you are accountable to.  If you do not, you will need to submit to Rev. Shirley J. Cunningham  or Rev. Samson Dasan as your pastors .


Your pastors name: ____________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________

Church Name: ____________________________________________________________

Your Pastors signature: __________________________________

Phone __________________________________


What is your calling?    Pastor______     Evangelist  ________  Other  ____   -> Explain ________________________



Your Signature:  __________________________________     _____________

           INDIA -    To send this application, please email to Pastor Tata and he will give you instruction and address. 


          OTHER COUNTRIES email to Someone To Care

Thank You Someone To Care International Ministries, Inc.                                                                                                      date

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