Someone To Care International News Letter

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Sept – Oct 07

Rev. Shirley J. Cunningham

    As I write this, I am sitting in an airport in Atlanta, Ga. Waiting for a delayed plane.  So far the delay is only 1 ½ hours.  Praise the Lord in every situation.  It gives me time to write this newsletter to you.   


    The meeting in Morton, IL was awesome.  I want to thank all of those that helped to make it a success.

   We started at 8:30 as people gathered together.  A special thanks to Pastor Winston from Christian Faith Center in Bloomington, IL as he helped us set up tables and chairs, but most important, he gave a powerful message about marching around the walls of Jericho, the people following their leader and seeing the victory.  Oh that people could submit to authority over them.  We started the session with the audience sharing in testimony and telling a little about their lives. Many of the people, I had not seen for years.   I was so blessed to reconnect with Sarah Keanan.  I had lost track of her after moving to FL, but she came to the meeting and shared with us some of the ministry of India.  I won’t try to name everyone that shared, but I do want to thank our praise and worship teams.  Janet May ushered in a special anointing in the morning session and in the afternoon session she was joined by Dawn Clark and that evening we were blessed by Tom and Laurie Easton.   I brought the message in the  morning session  as I  began to teach on Connect With The Glory. 

In the afternoon session, Dr. B. G. Drake brought a strong message on the healing power of God and there was such a glorious presence of the Lord’s healing power that many were healed as he laid hands on them.  When pastor B. G. laid he hands on my head, I felt like a warm fire went right down through the top of my head.  What a glorious Jesus, Healer, Deliverer, and our all in all that we serve.

   Rev. Sandy Polhemus was faithful to the call by being an MC for the meeting even though she was in the midst of packing to go to Africa. She brought a dynamic message on Love that evening.   It was a great message and all the church should hear it. We ended the evening as I finished the teaching on the Glory. The Glory fell, much ministry was accomplished as the Lord confirmed His Word with signs following.  I also want to thank the ladies that came from Vemma and shared with us concerning good nutrition. 

   I spent Saturday with my grandchildren and attended church with them in Mahomet, IL.  After that we went back to Bloomington, IL and attended Christian Faith Center with Pastors Mark & Sarah Marshal.  Pastor gave me the opportunity to share for a few minutes about the Glory.  After he preached, we had a move of the Holy Sprit and the Lord allowed me to lay hands on the pastors to receive this new and fresh anointing as I did so, the Glory came in.  Then the rest of the church began to come for prayer and even though we started the service at 2:00pm we were still in the Glory at 6:00pm before closing the service.  The Glory has entered in and the message comes from I Kings 8 that tells us that they brought the ark into the temple, and when they came out of the Holy Place, the priests could not stand to enter in.  After entering into the Holy Place and allowing God to fill your temple, the Glory of the Lord can flow out of you to a lost and dying world.  People will not be able to stand before you when you are so filled with the Glory and the Fire of God. 


   I will be teaching about the Glory for the next few weeks on our TV program, ‘Someone To Care’.    You may write and order the DVD’s as they are finished. 

    I want to encourage you to visit our website at .  You will view many pictures from India, England, Jamaica, etc.   You will find many of my sermon outlines and some articles.   Check back on a regular basis, as we are planning to keep this site updated more often. 

November 1st   Sam and I just finished celebrating our 51st wedding anniversary yesterday.  Actually all we did was stay home, rest and then go out for a hamburger sandwich later on in the afternoon. 


The weather here has been very nice but turned a little cooler.  I still like it when it is hot outside.

 In October we also had a special surprise as Pastor Mony from India visited with us in our home and preached in our Sunday morning service .  He is from Chennai, India & preached a very powerful anointed message from the throne room of God.  Pastor Mony is the father of David Silavamani, one of my interpreters and many of you know him from the Chennai pastors’ conference that we held in the Spring of this year. 

   We would like to encourage those of you that are local or close to Bonifay Fl to join us in our conference room for in-depth Bible teaching one evening a week taught by Rev. Shirley J. Cunningham.   Certificates and licensing is available for the serious student that wants to become a minister of the Gospel.   For those that just want to join in, you will glean a lot of great informative Bible knowledge.

  Please call to register and to receive more information.  Classes will be held in Bonifay just off of I-10 & 79 on St John’s Rd.    850-5470-114,  850-547-3299.

  REMEMBER TO PRAY: For Someone To Care International, the TV ministry, all of our pastors in the different nations of the world and for our local team, and the directors of this great ministry. 

Also please pray about sending us an offering.  We have many pastors in India that we are not sending support to and they have such great needs.  Could you adopt a pastor by sending us $50.00 per month.  This supplies the needs of their family, church and some orphans and widows.  It makes such a large difference in their lives and helps them to educate their children in a correct way.  The pastors children really need a good education, but at the present we have not been able to do much in that area.   I think that there are some of you that can easily commit to much more that $50 a month.  What can you do to be a part of this great ministry?    

We take Master – Visa and Discover Credit Cards.  Just call our 800-700-3422 number or you may call me at 850-547-0114  work or 850-547-3299 home. 

 THANKSGIVING IS ALMOST HERE.  PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO GIVE THANKS AND PRAISE FOR ALL THAT THE LORD HAS DONE FOR YOU.  Don’t take everything for granted as we just do not know what the future holds.  Look at all of the devastation in this world today.  Giving thanks for what we have pleases God and could also bring a covering of protection upon you and your family. 


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