And all things become new. 

We have been through the drought,

And Through the fires and the floods,

The ice and the snow and the freezing colds.

But now we are looking at the grass and the flowers.

They are poking their heads up through the good fertile soil.

And so it does seem that the struggles of life come in this manner

So keep up your faith and keep walking on through all of the storms of life.

It may seem impossible at the time of the struggle,  and it may seem so hard,

But I can assure you that when you give it all to Jesus, he will show you the newness

and the growth that has taken place in your heart, because of your strong stand in the faith.

Just look back a little and see your faith has grown as you looked to Jesus through this time of storm.

Then  remember what Jesus said,”   I will  never leave you nor forsake you”.He is your comforter and he will  walk  by your side

and  be your  Holy Spirit

guide.  Just invite Jesus

in and be made new.  He

will change you all the way

through.  He’ll come inside

your life and there  He will

abide in the depth of your heart.

Rev. Shirley J. Cunningham  March 2008