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 England 1999

England 1999

Sorry the pictures were lost when we had to leave our old server.  Hope to find them and restore later.  I arrived in London, England on the afternoon of November 20th, and had my first experience at the money exchange. I needed coins for the pay phone, and a pleasant lady at the counter where they sold bus tickets taught me how to get the right coins and use the pay phone. Next I learned what coins I needed to get a cup of coffee at the airport. I was amazed when I found that it had cost me about $3.00 in US dollars. They call their coins sterling. Sister Comfort Ubani was coming to receive me at the airport, but there had been an accident on the motorway and she was tied up in the traffic for over an hour. At last she arrived and we began our trip back into London. I took some pictures as we went through London. I was there a couple of days before going on to Walsall to the Living Word International  conference. We had a good time carrying my luggage through a subway, to the train and finally to a cab.  If you are using the subway, don't take much luggage.  We arrived at the hotel in Walsall a bit late as the meeting had started. On the return to London, we made sure that we had a faster train.

The Lord had given me a word for England. The title was "THE RIVER SHALL NEVER RUN DRY". The later rain of the Holy Spirit and the outpouring of His anointing has increased and all that will come to this heavenly water may drink. It shall never run dry. We can come to the very throne room of heaven and partake of the presence and anointing of our Lord. Come daily and be filled. Come with uplifted hands and hearts. Let him pour of his strength and life into you. This message was not only for England, but for the world. I know that the mighty move of God has just begun. What a mighty God we serve!!

Rev. Shirley Cunningham  
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