50th Sam & Shirley 3.jpgA New Year 2008  Someone To Care  International

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January 2008

Rev. Shirley J. Cunningham

  It just does not seem possible, but it now is 2008.  I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and was able to draw even closer the our Lord Jesus Christ.  If you have not read the prophecy that the Lord gave to Pastor Shirley, please ask for a copy, or you may go to the website www.someonetocare.org   and print one for yourself and others may enjoy you giving them one.  We try to keep the website updated and will soon have the pictures of the Wausau Church on it.  Maybe your picture will be there. 

  On the first day of January I received a phone call asking me if I wanted to take over a church.  This was an answer to prayer.  I gladly accepted and they turned it over to me the following Wednesday night, January 3rd.  We had 19 people in attendance and the Lord moved in a special way.  We feel so blessed and our congregation is happy to have a place to meet.  We are located at 1705 Pioneer Rd, Wausau, Fl.  At present service times are: Sunday School 10:00 AM   Worship service at 11:00 AM, Wednesday Evening at 7:00 PM . 

 The Bible Classes are growing in number that we hold on Tuesday evenings at the Fleetwood Dealership, 409 St John’s Rd in Bonifay, FL.  We would like to have you join.  It is open to all churches and their leadership.  At present we are studying “The Armour Bearer” from the book by Terry Nance.  We will begin the second half of the course Tuesday Jan 15th. 

  I want to thank all of our friends for the prayer that they give to this ministry.  Prayer is the vehicle that thrust us ahead, onward and upward in the ministry. 

day meeting.jpg  We also want to encourage you to pray about becoming a partner with us.  Now that we have a church building, there are other expenses to get it off the ground until it is self supporting and still we have the TV bills, missions to India and this month sending our first pastor an offering in Africa.  Keep pastor Timothy and his wife in prayer.  Pray for the nations of world and that we will be able to do our part such as the Lord wills to help all of our international brothers and sisters that they may have their needs met. Remember that we have two offices in India to support.  They are so faithful to us in prayer.

  As we begin this new year I have already noticed how the year has taken off with a wonderful start.  Prov. 18:21 tells us that death and life are in the power of the tongue, so let us remember to speak the positive toward the continuation of a great year.  When or if you have a bad day, do not get all negative and set in motion a wrong attitude.  Just look up and praise the Lord anyway and watch the words of praise lift up your spirit.  We will either speak words of life or words of death.  Proverbs goes on to say they that love it will eat the fruit thereof.  In other words we will reap what we sow with our mouth.  Notice that when someone says an encouraging word to you how you feel so much better. Well the words of encouragement had the power to lift you up.  On the other hand when someone judges you or speaks down to you, you seem to feel so much worse.  As a Christian, we must learn to hold up in every situation, even in the midst of negative words, but it is not easy unless we can praise the Lord.  Unless we will encourage ourselves in the Lord as David did. 

  James Chapter 1 tells us to count it all joy when we fall into divers temptations. This means when you have a trial of any kind to rejoice instead of getting upset and mad.  It usually is the case that when you get mad or upset, you speak those wrong words and sow to death instead of life, but if you rejoice, you sow to life.  You will eat the fruit of either death or life, depending on the seed you sow and your mouth will plant the seed.


   We want to encourage you to visit our website at www.someonetocare.org .  You will soon see pictures of the curch on Pioneer Road in Wausau, FL  You will find many of my sermon outlines and some articles.   Check back on a regular basis, as we are planning to keep this site updated more often. 



409 St. John’s Rd, Bonifay. Just off                                    FLEETWOOD  DEALERSHIP I-10 and 79

We would like to encourage those of you that are local or close to Bonifay Fl to JOIN US  for the latest class “God’s Armour Bearer”.  Teacher: Rev.  Shirley J. Cunningham.   Certificates and licensing   available for the serious student who wants to become a minister of the Gospel.   For those that just want to join in, you will glean a lot of great informative Bible knowledge.

Please call to register and to receive more information.  Classes will be held in Bonifay just off of I-10 & 79 on St John’s Rd.    850-547-0114,  850-547-3299. Tuesday evenings 6:00 PM


.  What can you do to be a part of this great ministry?  


We take Master – Visa and Discover Credit Cards.  Just call our 800-700-3422 number or you may call me at 850-547-0114  work or 850-547-3299 home. 




God Bless You from Pastor Shirley Cunningham and Someone To Care International Ministries, Inc. Team and staff & also now from The Someone To Care Church at Wausau, Fl.