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Some things I donít need a prophet to tell me.
 1. You are going to come into a lot of money.
2. You are going to get a new car.
3. You are going to move or get a new house or a new suit or a newÖÖ..whatever.
 4. You are going on a cruise or on a vacation. Well I hope you get the picture. This kind of word just draws attention to self, selfish desires and to the prophet themselves. We need to edify the spirit, not the self or fleshly part of us. If you canít hear God, then beware of what you hear the prophet say. I am teaching on the gifts of the Holy Spirit at our church on Wednesday evenings. I would love to teach the so called prophets to become real in the Word of God and use the gifts correctly. People are hurting and have many needs. The first is Jesus being lifted up for them to see. I pray that you not be taken in by all of this nonsense and that you not allow the deception of the new age to infiltrate you or your church.